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New Lofo is out!


Lofo 1.2012 issue is out, available in web only and free of charge. Featured in this issue are Luciano Gaudenzio, Sven Začek, Fred Jüssi, Erik Mandre, Margus Muts, Jaak Põder and Arne Ader.

To view Lofo 1.2012 issue click on the cover image on the left or click here. To download the 2.2012 issue in PDF, click here (file size is 7MB).

There are no videos in PDF versions.

To see issues of Lofo published so far, please click here.

What is Lofo?


Lofo is Estonian nature photography magazine dedicated to people who appreciate quality both in photos and print. Lofo was published quarterly during 2007-2009 and always contained a variety of photos and stories from wild nature on 100 pages of extremely high quality paper. And the stress is on the word photos,  as photos take up ca 75% of each Lofo. In 2011 Lofo continues as web-magazine, but the basic values remain the same. Each and every issue features work from one world-known nature photographer and many great Estonian photographers and writers. From the first issue Lofo has showcased the works of such internationally acclaimed nature photographers as Hannu Hautala, Jim Brandenburg, Michael Poliza, Stephen Dalton and others. There will be more to come!

Lofo is published by Jaak Põder and Sven Začek. Contact: lofo[ät]lofo.ee (change [ät] to @).